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The sun has fallen. The god of nothing, Koll, looks upon the world with hungry eyes.


The sun, a god called Ilo, was destroyed in eons past by the god of nothing, Koll. After his defeat, his fiery body fell upon the world, causing great destruction. This event marked the beginning of the time known as the great frost, of which little is known.

When Ilo awoke, they realised they could no longer both light the world and keep it safe. In penitance, the split themself apart into the Aspects, gifts to the world. Some of the Aspects were gifted to the sun kings and queens. Each now responsible for a new sun, bound high above their lands. Some of the Aspects lie in the cold places of the world, far from the new suns, providing warmth and light to the people, and some of the aspects seek out the worthy dead, the sunforged, to lead the world in battle against Koll.

Ilos final aspect is the wanderer, the bringer of seasons. As they travel the world, the new suns flare up around them, blazing bright and hot.


When Ilo fell from the heavens, his molten body rained across the world and cooled into the magical metal Orichalchum. Orichalchum in it's natural form is a dull gold with a faint pearlescent sheen, warm to the touch. It naturally gathers arcane power from the air, and can be formed into implements of magic allowing the gifted to reshape reality, or forged into the greatest of blades in the form of brightsteel. When used to channel magic, Orichalchum takes on colours associated with the magic used. When drained of magic, it becomes dull and blackened until it is reinvigorated. 

Much of the worlds Orichalchum has been corrupted by the influence of Koll, who has used it to gain a foothold into the mortal world, infecting minds and bodies. Corrupted Orichalchum is a deep, shimmering red.


In order to do battle with Koll and help restore the sun the sky, Ilo searches the world and history to find warriors and leaders who can claim true mastery of Orichalchum and thus resist the corrupting power of Koll. These warriors are known as the sunforged. Sunforged are invited to chapterhouses to train and guard the world against threats, though some choose to wander and bring the light where it is needed.

It is said that some sunforged have turned their back on Ilo. Those pricks!

Main Page

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